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Sloping Rear Garden - Post House Extension - 2018

We are planning an extension to our property which will require the garden to be redesigned and so decided to use Anthony to help us with that. Anthony spent time with us both talking through what we want and need from our garden. It was really helpful to do this as it encouraged us to step back and think about it in a way that we would not have done on our own. Anthony was easy to talk to and work with and we felt he really listened to us. Following a detailed survey, Anthony presented us with a concept drawing for discussion. We spent over an hour with him talking it through and understanding the design which was thorough and well thought through, incorporating our needs/ desires for the garden. We were really pleased with what Anthony designed for us, but there were areas we challenged and we really appreciated Anthony's collaborative and open minded approach in talking these through as opposed to being completely wedded to what he has designed. It really felt like a two way approach. We would happily recommend Anthony's skill and services.

Mr & Mrs Wilkinson, Oxted, Surrey

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