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How We Work




We have an initial meeting on site with our clients to understand their requirements, listen to their ambitions and discuss broad topics such as timings, budgets, and general styling. This meeting also gives the designer a chance to 'get a feel for the space' and its position in relation to the surrounding environment. 


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After the consultation, a written proposal is sent to you including your 'brief, any arising questions and 

extension ideas - this is the "design fee proposal"


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This package of works forms the basis of all design work to follow and is usually non-negotiable - in the form of an outline topographical or detailed GPS survey 



Initial Design

The creative, research led and problem solving process begins. This can take several weeks before a first draft design meeting is scheduled. Clients and the designer have a chance to review progress at this first meeting; including outline main design, sketches, sample mood boards


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The main, complete masterplan design with supporting sketches and mood boards for the project. This presentation finalises the conceptual stage of the design and allows the client to decide on proceeding to the next phases - detailed designs, project planning and budget outlines



Budget & Designs

The first stage considering project implementation. Planting Plans, Quantity decisions, material choices and aesthetics, detailed lighting, power, irrigation and drainage designs: these variables all affect the budget, the suitability of which contractors to use and timelines 


emerging landscape design garden design

Tender & Build

Project Designs and Specifications out to third party tender - through client preferred contractors, recommended Emerging Landscape contractors or with Emerging Landscape itself. At this stage detailed construction drawings are produced along with planting plans and specific material specification lists for contractors to quote on a like for like basis. The selection of contractors can be client led or advised by Emerging Landscapes. Once contractors have been chosen the project build is in their hands however (to varying degrees of monitoring), never without inspection and/or budget over-sight 


Emerging Landscape Design garden design

After Care

A great deal of care goes into a garden design project however a lot of the expertise leaves the garden space once the project has been practically completed. Designers have a responsibility to ensure that their designs grow and evolve as intended through planned on-going maintenance; a service that can led by the clients or third parties. It doesn't have to be expensive but information ought to be relayed regarding specific plant type maintenance, soil conditions, mulching, pests and longer term planning


RHS Show Garden Concept - 'BEFORE & AFTE

*Online Consultancy

The Garden Design Phases as outlined on this page are a 'fairly typical' representation of the design process. This process is naturally quite 'involved' as it should be to underscore the capital investment by clients and their desire to realise ambitions through consultation & design. However, should your budget be tighter there may be ways to explore a slightly less 'involved' approach but one which still allows you access to design ideas and advice - please email for further information

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