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About the Principal Designer - Anthony


I came into Landscape Design from a slightly different route than a lot of other designers who tend to come from a horticulture or  'plant interest' background. I spent 10 years as a project  & operations manager in the construction/renewable energy industry before 'changing hats'. I guess you might say I got a little tired of basements and roof tops and wanted to spend more time exploring my passion for design and the environment. So a few years ago I decided to re-train to align my experience in contracts, project management and operations to that of Landscape Design. I gained a Distinction at the renowned Pickard Design School in London, and off I went!

I wanted to establish a landscape design studio providing clients with expertise in consultation, design and project management, with a particular focus on options for sustainable gardening and living. Thus was born our Design Practice, based in the South East, covering Surrey, Kent, Hampshire, Sussex and London - advising on, designing and building gardens.

My point of difference to most other designers is that I understand how to build a garden in construction terms, what is needed from the ground up, how to procure materials, to plan and tender a contract, to manage a project and site efficiently and safely and how to bring in the right expertise when needed. I think this suite of skills is often overlooked by clients as most designers are plant focused, which of course is very important and adds that final beautiful layer to finish off a project but in reality only represents a fraction of the total cost of most landscaping projects.


The bulk of costs and savings are in the operations, specification, procurement and movement of materials around/in a project and the appreciation of this often sits with landscaping contractors - where-as I believe a good designer will not only design a concept that works to meet the ambitions/brief of the project including extending the clients creatively but also be a 'client representative' in sourcing the right contractors, with budget guidance and an understanding of what it takes to deliver a project all the way through.

I am also continually advocating the notion that clients are not simply buying a service - they are actually engaging in a relationship exercise that should last them beyond the confines of the design package and could (as several of my clients will testify) be open for several years beyond project completion.

I am the principal designer, however I often use other designers to help me with project work-load and specific expertise in much the same way I bring in third party assistance across a wide range of disciplines; Surveying, Tree Surgery, Bespoke Planting, Geology, Hydrology and of course a network of Landscaping Contractors - whom I work to bring projects to life.


  • BSc (Hons) in Agroforestry & a DIP. PSGD (Distinction) - Garden Design

  • Spent 10 Years building a successful Renewable Energy Company

  • Prince 2 Project Management 

  • RICS Certificate in Management


  • ​Born in Papua New Guinea

  • Half British half Australian 

  • Love Outdoor Pursuits

  • Am passionate about the Environment

  • Once Cycled 348 days and 23,000Kms from Alaska to Argentina



07521 680 045


Registered Office: 

58 Bramble Hill Farm

Selsfield Road

Turners Hill

West Sussex

RH10 4PS

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